To view the schedules for Altar Servers, Lectors, Extraordinary  Ministers, and Cantors please click on the appropriate link below. 

Please note: The deadline for Easter and Holy Week requests is
Monday, January 7, 2019
and not April 1 as listed on the schedules below.

Altar Servers 
October 2018 -- January 2019

October 2018 -- January 2019
Lectors:  Not sure of the pronunciation?  Hear the entire reading for the day here

Extraordinary Ministers 
October 2018 -- January 2019

Not available at this time

Schedules for altar servers, lectors, and extraordinary ministers are published three times a year: February through May; June through September; and October through January.  If you have any questions or comments about these schedules, please notify Brian Major  (570-672-3287  or schedules at ) at least three weeks before the end of the current schedule (replace "at" with "@"). Please understand that this deadline is necessary because of the time needed to prepare, print, and distribute the schedules. Holiday Mass Deadlines are noted below …
         Requests for Christmas and New Year’s Masses:  second week in September
         Requests for Holy Week and Easter Masses: second week in January
Schedules for cantors are prepared seasonally.  If you have questions or comments about this schedule please contact our director of liturgical music, Anne Rutkowski (570-672-2302).